About David Repasky

Hi there! I’ve been a WordPress developer for 10 years, and in my time I’ve built countless websites for happy customers across the country. I’ve also worked for two advertising agencies and worked on projects that won awards. While I’m not looking for a full-time role, I am taking freelance clients now.

If you’re a restaurant, hotel, construction company, or any small business—we would be a match!

Let’s connect to chat about your goals and aspirations!


Three Principles I Stand By:

I’m Responsive to Your Requests


Need to chat through a new feature for your website? Is there a bug on your website that needs to be fixed? Has your site crashed? Times like these are when you rely on your web developer most, and if it’s after hours or on a holiday, you may not get the response you need.

As a person running a small business too, I understand how important it is to take after-hours calls, and I’ll be there for you.

I Follow Best Practices


When you hire me for your website, you’re getting someone who has worked as a digital marketer at two agencies and a leading e-commerce company. Because of the nature of my professional work, I know all the latest digital marketing best practices and I find creative ways to employ them on my websites.

When you work with me, your website will help you succeed across channels and mediums. We’ll also be optimizing your sales funnel with the data we get from your website, and your business will be stronger because of it.

I Deliver On My Promises


With every project, you’ll have my best estimate for when I can deliver the finished product. Everything that we agree to will be completed on time and on budget, and all milestones will be met along the way.

If you have questions throughout the project, feel free to reach out! I’ll be happy to answer as best I can. While I prefer voice calls, you can also reach me by text or email.

Let’s Build Something Great!


Also Available for Networking


I’m happy to network with anyone! I love meeting new people and trading notes about code or the dev life in general. If you’re new to the tech industry and want to know more about what it’s like, reach out. I really enjoy working with new developers!