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Wait, what’s SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of engineering a site for better search-engine rankings. Sites that have been optimized using SEO best practices not only perform better in search results—they’re usually superior at converting visitors into customers. Who wouldn’t want that?

Good SEO starts with good data and the appropriate tools. Only once you have both, you can create a plan that will vastly improve your business. When you hire me for your SEO overhaul, you’ll be getting someone that knows how to spot opportunities in your data, and leverage the right tools to get you where you want to go.


Three Keys to a Great SEO Plan

Opportunistic Keyword Research

Let’s start by looking at the searches where you’re already performing well and how you stack up to your competition. Then let’s look for opportunities where you could increase your market share, using real-time metrics from the latest keyword research software. After analyzing the data, you’ll know we’re looking at the right keywords, and from there we can start to optimize your site.

Exhaustive Competitive Analysis

Once we’ve identified the keywords we need to target, we’ll evaluate your top-ranking competition to learn what they’re doing to succeed—and we’ll use their success to your benefit. We’ll examine site structure, content, and ideas that are working for your competitors so we can use the data to create a plan to take your website to the next level.

Best Practices Lead the Way

After analyzing your competitors, it’s time to take a hard look at your site. Using an audit informed by best practices, I’ll evaluate your existing site structure, content, and technical factors. The results of the audit will help us determine what we can keep and what we should eliminate as we work to make your website the best it can be.

Two Critical Times to Invest in SEO

When Building a New Site

Planning a new site with SEO in mind is a great way to set your new venture up for success. By surveying keywords and competitors we can figure out the kind of content search engines are looking for—and then build it! The best part? The Premium Website Package offered by David Repasky Consulting includes SEO! We’ll do the research and plan your site with search rankings in mind right from the start.

Here’s the thing… If you build a website based only on what you think is cool, you’re likely to wind up with less-than-stellar results. You need to know what your customers think is cool, and a solid SEO plan helps you do that.


When Your Business is at a Crossroads

Are you about to go through a rebrand? Are sales slumping? Is a competitor growing at a faster rate than you are? If so, it’s time for a full-blown SEO audit and analysis. Our audit will cover keyword research, perform competitive analysis, and review your site against industry best practices.

The results of the audit will determine the next steps for your business website. When we make informed changes, your business will be more visible, your user experience will be better, and your customers will be happier. What’s not to love? It’s a win-win.


One SEO Provider for Your Business

David Repasky


  • 2021 SEMRush Certified
  • 2020 Google Analytics Certified
  • Award-Winning WordPress Developer
  • Two Skillsets in One Provider


  • Search Reputation Damage Cleanup
  • SEO Sitemap Planning for New Sites
  • SEO Audit for Existing Businesses
  • Conversion Optimization