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Does it Matter Who I Use for Hosting?

Hosting is an essential service for any website, and how quickly your site loads can make or break your Google rankings. Despite having optimized your site for page speed, if your host is slow, all that effort will be wasted. If your host is too expensive or gives poor service, why do you want them anyway? Switching to a new host can make a huge difference. I can pack up your WordPress site and make that happen with minimal downtime.

Who is the best host?

Choosing a host is often a balancing act between performance and price. Obviously, less expensive hosts often perform worse than more expensive ones. While a host like WPEngine may offer the best performance for WordPress sites, SiteGround, in my opinion, has superior load times when compared to GoDaddy or Bluehost and costs about the same amount of money per year.


I want to switch. What’s the process?

Use your credit card to purchase your hosting plan.

As a best practice, your domain and hosting accounts should always be in your name. For this reason, I recommend you purchase hosting on your own. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to buy I can help you sort it out. If you already have a new host, that’s great! I work with any WordPress site or hosting platform.

Your work ends and mine begins.

During the least busy time of day, I’ll back up all your files and make sure we have a good copy of the existing site to restore from. Second, I’ll set up your new hosting environment to make sure it’s ready for the switch. Once I’ve verified everything, I’ll start the migration process.

I’ll set up your domain name so it works with the new host.

When everything is switched over, I’ll connect your existing domain to your new hosting account. I will need to have the login codes to your domain account for this to work. The switchover often takes 1-2 hours of downtime (which can be when you are not open for
business), but when it’s done you can say goodbye to your old host and celebrate better website performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to move my domain to the new host?

When you move your website to a new host, your domain doesn’t need to move too. It can stay parked where it is, and behind the scenes I can get it to work with your website. In fact, this scenario is ideal, because it can reduce the amount of downtime.

How much downtime can I expect?

While most hosting companies state that it can take 24-48 hours of downtime when you change hosts, in my experience I’ve never had it take that long. Most of the time changing hosts results in 1-2 hours of total downtime, depending on how smooth the process goes.

Will changing hosts affect my branded email?

Once you change hosts, I will update your new host with your branded email settings so you won’t experience any email issues after we do the switch.

Will I experience data loss after the switch?

I will take all the proper precautions to ensure you won’t experience data loss during the switch. If you have an active site, I’ll put up a maintenance landing page about an hour before we do the switch, so no one will be adding new data while I’m moving the site. If you have a brochure site, without people actively adding new comments or posts, I can switch the site during an agreed-upon time when activity is at its lowest and all your data will be accounted for.

Will my SSL certificate transfer too?

Most hosts provide a basic SSL certificate for free, and if you don’t have a need for stronger encryption you can effectively cancel your paid SSL at your old host. If you had a medical site or online store that stores sensitive information, you would want a paid SSL and we could set that up for you on your new host. Your original SSL wouldn’t transfer.

What happens if something goes wrong?

I will make a complete site backup before I start that can be easily restored. Most issues that come up during server migrations can be resolved in 10 minutes or less.

Why SiteGround? What makes them a good host?

While I am a SiteGround affiliate and am compensated for the links on this page, I’m very satisfied with their site speed and performance. They make it easy to switch and have built-in tools that make it easier to optimize your site for better performance. Overall, I’ve had a better personal experience with them than any other host.

Improved performance. Better load times. Happy customers.