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Not every website is able to win an award, but when it happens it’s a very special occasion. As a WordPress Developer at MDR, I had the opportunity to learn from the rest of the team about what goes into an award-winning WordPress website. Make no mistake, the awards we won were a team effort and my role was simply to take an outstanding design and turn it into code. This same process repeated itself with every website I had the opportunity to build while I was there. Award-winning websites have a few things in common, and in this blog post, I’ll share what goes into one.

Use a Web Designer

Going the route of hiring a professional designer gives you a better look and better graphics than what you would get from a web developer. A professional designer often makes custom icons as part of the work which looks better than graphics you may purchase from a stock image website. It may cost extra money, but the end result will be worth it.

Only Use Tasteful Imagery

Imagery is such a huge part of a website, and often times there’s no substitute for a good image. Images of your business should be authentic and shot with a high-resolution camera. They should follow best practices for composition and should be edited. Once you have a good group of images of your business, you’ll need to decide on what other images to include. Free image websites like Unsplash often provide high-quality stock images that will add a nice compliment to your site.

Illustrations Should Match Your Design

Every award-winning website makes use of illustrations to help tell the story, and you should make sure that any graphics you use should match the rest of the design. You want them to look natural, like they belong. You also want them to look professional and not cheesy. Remember, you’re building a website not a powerpoint, so you’ll want to leave the clip art out of this project.

Make it Easy to Use

Make sure your website follows best practices when it comes to navigation and usability. As you plan your website remember your user. If they find it frustrating or difficult to navigate they’ll leave and won’t come back. Every feature of your site should be engineered to either be easy to use or improve the user experience.

Written Content Should Sound Warm and Friendly

When writing content for your website, it should sound warm and friendly. It should also be more casual than formal, and it should be written with your audience in mind. Different generations communicate differently, so you need to make sure your website sounds the way your customers actually talk. Not only does this come across as being more authentic, but it will help boost sales too!

David Repasky

David Repasky is a Houston, TX based WordPress developer and digital marketer with over 10 years of experience and countless happy clients across the country.